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  • Seoul Announces 2016 Plan for MICE Industry

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    Seoul Metropolitan Office announced “2016 Plan for MICE Industry,” a new growth engine as well as high-value added industry.

    In 2013, Seoul established its “Master Plan for Tourism MICE in Seoul” and has been working on fostering a whole range of MICE industry. Thanks to the city government’s effort, Seoul Metropolitan City has been selected as the best MICE city of 2015 by Business Traveler and Global Traveler magazines, top authorities in the business travel sector and Seoul was also listed among the top 5 convention cities for five consecutive years, from 2010 to 2014, in the ranking of international conference cities announced by the Union of International Associations (UIA). All of these testify to its reputation as the top MICE city.

    “2016 Plan for MICE Industry,” mainly aiming to be the world’s top 3 MICE city by 2018, includes:
    ▴ Systematic expansion of hosting MICE
    ▴ Strengthening the competitiveness of the hospitality services to increase participants‘ satisfaction & expenditure
    ▴ Establishing MICE governance system, a partnership among citizens, businesses and the Seoul Metropolitan Government
    ▴ Operating 「MICE Talent Development Program」 to create employment opportunities related to MICE

    Systematic & Scientific Operation

    First of all, Seoul plans to establish MICE Integrated Information System to systematically and scientifically take charge of the entire 『Find Demand → Attract Participants → Launch Event』 process. To increase the attraction of events, Seoul will provide a variety of supporting services including financial support to the groups who attract and host events in Seoul with 50 and over foreigners.

    In addition, Seoul will operate a comprehensive invitation supporting system for the groups who consider hosting events in Seoul. From the starting point, the system will cover from specialized consulting to writing the invitation proposal and PT to supporting overseas personnel’s field investigation to one-on-one training of presentation techniques related to invitation(in English) to attraction activities overseas.

    Comprehensive Hospitality Service

    Comprehensive hospitality service includes a variety services as follows:
    ▴ Welcome message of the Incheon International Airport
    ▴ Seoul Welcome Kit
    ▴ Seoul MICE Supporters
    ▴ Consulting &Support for MICE Specialized tour
    ▴ Premium Commentator
    ▴ Seoul City Tour & MICE Promotion Booths
    ▴ Providing Seoul MICE Card

    MICE GOVERNANCE SYSTEM among Citizens, Businesses and the Seoul Metropolitan Government

    Seoul plans to hold and expand a variety of events including international MICE forums with issues that can be widely comprehensible to common citizens and MICE industry officials and the events to share success stories of employment for high school and college students who are considering getting jobs in MICE industry.