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  • Seoul Allures Paris and New York with Korean Desserts during Seoul Week

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    Last Saturday (Nov. 16, 2019), a unique pop-up store opened in Galeries Lafayette, a department store in Paris, France, that boasts a 120-year history with faithful shoppers and tourists. This was the first ever pop-up store launched in Europe where one can taste Korean desserts, which are not very widely promoted compared to other K-Foods.

    From desserts like rice cakes, traditional Korean sweets, and candied lotus roots neatly assorted on a portable table to nut bars made by re-interpreting traditional ganjeong (sweet rice puffs) into the form of an energy bar with various ingredients including nuts and chocolate—these healthy and stylish Korean desserts captured the eyes and tongues of Parisiens and tourists alike who visited the department store.

    From November 14-21, 2019, Seoul is holding Seoul Week to introduce the charms and delicacies of Seoul as a tourist destination in Paris, France, and New York, U.S., both cultural centers leading global trends and world-class gourmet cities.
    Sweet Seoul, a pop-up store that serves Korean desserts, opens in Galeries Lafayette, a must-visit tourist spot in Paris with some 37 million visitors a year, (Nov. 16-17) and in Jungsik, a two Michelin star Korean restaurant located in Manhattan, New York (Nov. 20-21). Five Korean dessert brands and chefs that are praised for their delicious, healthy, and good-looking products blending traditional Korean desserts with a modern sense are expected to captivate the taste buds of the epicures of Paris and New York.

    Seoul has plans to advertise K-Food culture, a new popular Korean Wave domain, through holding Seoul Week that is organized jointly by foreign cities as well as local and Korean companies and to globally make known sustainable tourist attractions of Seoul, such as with dainty foods and pedestrian tours.

    Seoul Allures Paris and New York with Korean Desserts during Seoul Week
    Galeries Lafayette Paris Restaurant Jungsik in New York