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  • Seoul abuzz with 2011 Year of the Hare sunrise events

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    New Year’s sunrise at Mangwolbong in Olympic Park

    Seoul was abuzz with “2011 Year of the Hare Sunrise” events that occurred across 16 mountains and park sites early morning on January 1, Seoul City said.

    It boasted that Namsan (Mt.), Inwangsan (Mt.), Naksan (Mt.) and Dongmangbong at the heart of the nation’s capital had all served as ideal locations for appreciating the New Year’s first sunrise. Other popular places around Seoul to witness the first sunrise were Seodaemun’s Ansan (Mt.), Bugaksan (Mt.), Gaeunsan (Mt.), Eungbongsan (Mt.), Baengnyeonsan (Mt.), Gungsan (Mt.), and Yongwangsan (Mt.).

    The sunrise hiding behind the clouds at Buramsan (Mt.)

    Celebrated mountains on the outskirts of Seoul had also enjoyed a renewed status as noted locations for viewing the sunrise. Achasan (Mt.) and Yongmasan (Mt.), for instance, have long been treasured sites for enjoying the scenic beauty of the city sunrise in the eastern part of Seoul. Bukhansan National Park, Gwanaksan (Mt.), Yeonjudae, Cheonggyesan (Mt.), Umyeonsan (Mt.), Daemosan (Mt.), Suraksan (Mt.), Buramsan (Mt.), and Iljasan (Mt.) had also been a riot for many visitors.

    The sunrise from Palgakjeong of Namsan (Mt.)

    Parks around the city also resonated with the ecstatic voices of the early-morning visitors seeking to soak in the first sunrise. The peak in Haneul Park in Mapo-gu’s Sangam-dong area and the Mangwolbong in Olympic Park in the Songpa-gu district are two such examples

    16 locations to enjoy the New Year’s sunrise in Seoul
    Event About Event Sunrise Sites
    Contact No.
    2011 Year of the Hare Dongmangbong Sunrise Festival Early morning event: greeting the New Year’s sunrise, burning one’s New Year’s wish list Sungin Park (Dongmangbong)
    (Jongno-gu Sungin-dong)
    (Jongno-gu Office)
    Greeting the first sunrise of the Year of the Hare Sunrise shouting, wish prayer, three cheers, wish- balloon flying Namsan (Mt.) Palgakjeong (Pavilion)
    (Jung-gu Yejang-dong)
    (Jung-gu Office)
    2011 Eungbongsan (Mt.) Sunrise Event Pungmul nori (traditional Korean percussion music), recitation between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., kite-flying Eungbongsan (Mt.) Palgakjeong (Pavilion)
    (Seongdong-gu Geumho-dong)
    (Seongdong-gu Office)
    Achasan (Mt.) Sunrise Festival Percussion performance, wish rabbit folk story stamping, wish list and postcard writing Achasan (Mt.) Sunrise Plaza
    (Gwangjin-gu Gwangjang-dong)
    (Gwangjin-gu Office)
    2011 Year of the Hare Sunrise Event Sunrise viewing, wish-balloon flying, drum of hope, mask dance, percussion performance Gaeunsan (Mt.) Marronier Plaza
    (Seongbuk-gu Jongam-dong)
    (Seongbuk-gu Office)
    2011 Sunrise Event Three-cheers event, gathering of harmony event, commemorative photo shoot Bukhansan (Mt.) Sidanbong
    (Gangbuk-gu Ui-dong)
    (Gangbuk-gu Office)
    2011 Nowon-gu Hope Sunrise Event Offering hope, drum performance Buramsan (Mt.) helicopter landing pad
    (Nowon-gu Sanggye-dong)
    (Nowon-gu Office)
    2011 Seodaemun Ansan Sunrise New Year’s greeting, food-sharing, prayer and recitation for North-South unification, children’s New Year’s wish speeches Ansan Smoke-signal Station Site
    (Seodaemun-gu Bongwon-dong)
    (Seodaemun-gu Office)
    2011 Haneul Park Sunrise Early morning performance, New Year’s greeting, sunrise appreciation Haneul Park
    (Mapo-gu Sangam-dong)
    (Mapo-gu Office)
    New Year’s Sunrise Event New Year’s sunrise event Gaehwasan (Mt.)
    (Gangseo-gu Gaehwa-dong)
    (Gangseo-gu Office)
    2011 Year of the Hare Yongwangsan (Mt.) Sunrise Event Giving a speech of hope, Pungmul nori (traditional Korean percussion music), sunrise appreciation Yongwangsan (Mt.)Yongwangjeong
    Yangcheon-gu Mok 2 (i)-dong
    (Yangcheon-gu Office)
    2011 Year of the Hare Sunrise Event Celebration concert, sunrise appreciation, recitation between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., wish-balloon flying Maebongsan (Mt.)
    (Guro-gu Oryu-dong)
    (Guro-gu Office)
    2011 Year of the Hare Event New Year’s sunrise event Gwanaksan (Mt.) Hama Rock
    (Gwanak-gu Bongcheon-dong)
    (Gwanak-gu Office)
    2011 New Year’s Cheonggyesan (Mt.) Sunrise Event Samul nori (traditional Korean percussion music), making a wish commemoration (Departing at 6:30 a.m. from the Wonteo Village overpass) Cheonggyesan (Mt.) helicopter landing pad
    (Seocho-gu Seocho-dong)
    (Seocho-gu Office)
    2011 New Year’s Event Percussion performance, trumpet performance, traditional tea sharing Olympic Park Manwolbong
    (Songpa-gu Bangi-dong)
    (Songpa-gu Office)
    2011 New Year’s Sunrise Event Pungmul nori (traditional Korean percussion music), sharing “sun dooboo” (Korean uncurled bean curd dish) for hope Iljasan (Mt.)
    (Gangdong-gu Gil-dong)
    (Gangdong-gu Office)