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  • Seoul 50 Plus Foundation Volunteers to produce and donate 1,700 transparent masks for the deaf

  • Press Releases SMG 234
    • Volunteer activities of the Seoul 50 Plus Foundation for the protection of daily communication and learning rights for the deaf
    • 114 volunteers participated and received the kit to make masks at home
    • Deliver to faculty, students, and managers at 10 related institutions in Seoul

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 23, 2020 – Seoul 50 Plus Foundation has supported once again to produce transparent masks that can be seen the shape of mouth in order to relieve communication disconnection of the deaf who lip read and protect their right to be learn.

    As COVID-19 situation is prolonged, wearing mask gives another difficulty to the hearing-impaired people who communicate by reading mouth shapes. Especially, students who are impaired hearing abilities can be easily isolated from class and school life as they can’t see teachers’ mouths.

    Last August, the Seoul 50 Plus Foundation received a good response by making and donating 1,500 transparent masks which can be seen mouths for university students. The second production and donation will be carried out by expanding the scope of targets and institutions, including Seoul-based special schools welfare centers and association for hearing-impaired people.

    Like before, 114 volunteers of the foundation received kits from their home to participate in non-face-to-face way for COVID-19 situation and produced a total of 1,700 transparent masks. The foundation donated 300 transparent masks to Seodaemun welfare center for the deaf and 10 other Seoul-based special schools and welfare centers will be also donated in order.

    Kim Young-dae, CEO of the Seoul 50 Plus Foundation, said, “The foundation’s ongoing transparent mask making campaign is meaningful in that it is not just a donation of goods, but a communication activity that cheers both the deaf and the participants of volunteer work,” adding, “We will continue to expand non-face-to-face volunteer activities so that 50+ generations can participate in timely social issues in response to the prolonged COVID-19 situation.”