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  • Seoul 365 Fashion Show to feature eco-friendly costumes, delivering the Korean alphabet spirit

  • Press Releases SMG 503
    • A total of 323 fashion shows had been held in Seoul Book Bogo, Dongnimmun and Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) in the name of Seoul 365 Fashion Show, attracting more than 24,000 (as of August 2019)
    • “Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fashion Show” to take place on September 1 at Oil Tank Culture Park with the works recreated with the remaining pieces of cloth
    • With the theme of “Add the environment to fashion!” fashion designer Myung Yoo-suk and 52 eco-friendly fashion suits
    • On September 9, a special “Hangeul Fashion Show” to be held at the National Hangeul Museum with Lee Sang-bong and Jang Kwang-hyo
    • These suits were invited to “Palazzo Morando”, fashion museum in Milan
    • As well in the second half, “Street Fashion Show” to be held at Deoksugung Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Yongsan I-Park shopping mall ‘The Garden’

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 2, 2019 -‘Dongnimmun Fashion Show’ held in front of the Independence Gate (Dongnimmun) which was organized to mark the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement and the establishment of the Provisional Government of Korea, received fervent response from more than 2,000 audiences, and ‘Seoul Book Bogo Fashion Show’ became one of the hot issues in China so that many Chinese media covered the event. These were one of the “Seoul 365 Fashion Show” which features Seoul’s representative places and important historical moments of Korea in the form of fashion.

    The “Seoul 365 Fashion Show” will take place from 2 p.m. on September 1 at Oil Tank Culture Park that symbolizes Seoul’s culture, environment and regeneration. The upcoming show’s theme is “Add the environment to fashion!”

    Fashion designer Myung Yoo-suk and winning designers of the second “Zero Waste Fashion Design Competition” will showcase their 52 eco-friendly fashion suits at this fashion show.

    Especially, the works this time are meaningful because they are recreated with the remaining pieces of cloth or discarded clothes, delivering the message of protecting the precious natural environment.

    On September 9, a month before the Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) Proclamation Day, a special “Hangeul Fashion Show” will be held at the National Hangeul Museum from 5 p.m. to provide a vivid glimpse of the beauty and spirit of the Hangeul. The fashion show is participated by some of Korea’s top fashion masters, including Lee Sang-bong, Jang Kwang-hyo, Lim Sun-ok and Park Yoon-soo.

    Meanwhile, 50 items of the fashion art using the Korean letters designed by the hands of Korea’s top fashion masters were invited last July to “Palazzo Morando”, one of the best fashion museums in Milan, Italy, in recognition of their beauty and excellence, and more than 1,000 people viewed them.

    As well in the second half, street fashion shows will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The first street fashion show in September will be made with clothing designed by fashion designer Kang Yohan from CHARM’S.