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  • Seoul 365 Fashion Show Held at Seoul Station

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted the half-hour Seoul 365 Fashion Show from 11:40 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. on July 13th (Wednesday). It was a special opportunity for citizens visiting Seoul Station during the summer holiday season (July to August) to enjoy a runway show up close. The fashion show was planned in consideration of the train schedule and the platform conditions, to make sure that it would not cause any inconvenience to citizens using Seoul Station.

    Around 30 of the models who walked on the runway were ordinary citizens with dreams of becoming models, and they were given the opportunity to walk on the runway wearing clothes designed by designers participating in Seoul Fashion Week such as Mag & Logan, Munsoo Kwon, and others. The models prepared in the waiting area and platform.

    The fashion show proceeded in the following order: It started from the eastern entrance of Seoul Station. The runway was then shown in front of the ticket office located in the waiting area frequented by travelers, and was then shown in front of the passenger cars set to depart from platform No. 5 and 6. Finally, the models moved to the eastern entrance of the Seoul Station, and made a grand finale by performing the finale of the runway show for citizens outside of Seoul Station.

    The Seoul 365 Fashion Show featured the 2016 S/S (Spring/Summer) collections by the senior designer Mag & Logan loved by actresses, and Munsoo Kwon, who was selected as one of Seoul’s 10 next generation designers.

    The fashion show was the beginning of a unique program aimed at creating jobs for young people. Because it offers the would-be models the opportunity to go through the selection process, receive model training, and walk on the runway, it is a dream runway show for would-be models who dream of becoming models. Currently, the first class of Seoul 365 fashion models have a variety of experiences and careers, such as a would-be model who was an actor, a participant with hearing difficulties, a hip-hop dancer, a shopping mall fitting model, and others are all challenging themselves to push themselves and fulfill their dreams of becoming models. Currently, the SMG is recruiting the second class of Seoul 365 Fashion Models, and those who are interested can apply online on the Asia Model Association homepage by July 22.

    The Seoul 365 Fashion Show will hold around a hundred fashion shows until November of this year in various areas of Seoul, and it is comprised of ① a fashion mecca-type fashion show, based on the main attractions of downtown Seoul, ② fashion shows held in cooperation with Seoul for local events, and ③ unique fashion shows held in unique places and times. For more information and schedules, visit the Seoul 365 Fashion Show website (www.seoul365fashion.kr).