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  • Seoul 365 Fashion Show Held for Citizens

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the Seoul 365 Fashion Show at Dongdaemun Doota Plaza from June 17 (Friday) to June 18 (Saturday), 2016. The Seoul 365 Fashion Show was a unique show in which citizens and couples participated as models walking on the runway.

    Of the first class of 365 Models, around 30 members with dreams of becoming models had the opportunity to walk on the runway wearing the clothes designed by beginner designers such as Choi Bumsuk, Jung Doo-young, and others, as well as rising designers with distinct styles who are taking an active part in the fashion industry. Designers including Choi Bumsuk, Jung Doo-young, Hong Hye Jin, Kim Hong-beom, Lee Moo Yeol, and Ha Dong Ho, who have become well-known designers based on their activities in Dongdaemun or are otherwise connected to Dongdaemun presented their collections to citizens.

    Since the fashion show was held in Dongdaemun, the center of fashion, a special show was held in which citizens wearing clothes that show their individuality were selected as models on the spot and given the opportunity to show off their sense of fashion on the runway.

    Couples presenting their unique style at the event were selected on the spot and given the opportunity to walk on the runway as couples, and every day two couples were selected in order of application for a proposal event on the runway immediately following the fashion show. Events such as taking pictures with 365 models at the photo zone and the chance to personally meet models offered citizens opportunities to experience and participate in the events.

    The Seoul 365 Fashion Show held fashion shows at different civic festivals including the folk costume fashion show at the global cultural festival, Jungnang-gu rose festival, and others, and provided opportunities for citizens to come across fashion in their daily lives by hosting fashion shows on the crosswalk and other locations to introduce the fashion attraction of Dongdaemun DDP and the pedestrian-friendly city. The Seoul 365 Fashion Show will be held in various tourist locations frequented by citizens such as Gwanghwamun Plaza, Cheonggyecheon, Sinchon pedestrian street, Dream Forest Park, and others.