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3D Seoul View

  • SEOUL 360: Seoul Botanic Park

  • 3D Seoul View SMG 829
    When I was exhausted by the arid urban life,
    overwhelmed by the straight lines of the sidewalks and square skyscrapers,
    I saw green.

    Passing by the swaying lake,
    sailing deep and thick,
    I follow the breath of nature,
    letting myself slowly breathe along the curves.

    Like the slender stalks breathing air between the leaves,
    the tendons are diagonally intertwined, stretching into the greenhouse,
    oozing dank fragrance,
    and the touch of a forest embracing my whole body.

    Broad or sharp,
    sprouting vertically or crawling horizontally,
    each appearance of green reveals
    its living form.

    Silently and quietly,
    the condensed vivacity
    wipes away the old stains of the tired city.

    The things smaller than my fingers
    living in the garden with the seasons
    invite things smaller than themselves
    to be embraced by with their fragrances.

    It seems as though they say
    living together is like that.
    Sharing places,
    holding each other’s lives.

    Living in a city-
    it may sometimes feel barren and lifeless.

    But in Seoul, where you and I live,
    there is a daily life with pieces of green
    that suit other living objects in various forms.

    So we can live
    healing our linear wounds with curves
    in the harmony between city and nature, human and plants.

    Seoul Botanic Garden, located in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, introduces various planting cultures from 12 different cities around the world to improve the interaction between the city and the nature.
    The place consists of the greenhouse exhibition rooms with shapes of flower and plant cells, outdoor theme parks, forest, lakes, and marshes and more.
    Please come and experience the treatment that nature presents to you.

    SEOUL 360 is a 360° VR video series that introduce Seoul’s new places.
    To fully enjoy the video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71c7qN2Vjk8 and use your mobile device and VR headset. You can move your mobile device from left to right or touch the screen to move the camera.