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3D Seoul View

  • SEOUL 360: Seoul Book Bogo

  • 3D Seoul View SMG 2001
    Walking between books, I think of you.

    The smell of faded books reminds me

    of Cheonggyecheon Stream, Jongno,

    and other corners of Seoul

    I walk through the arch made of books

    following the waning memories

    of cozy warmth


    I miss the unknown stories

    that you may have cherished in your heart

    once in the past.

    Used books are not just used

    but they are also the traces of people.

    I slowly read the story of you,

    a stranger,

    as if it is a secret between you and I,

    that you left between the book cover

    I am surrounded by

    the hearty smell of books that have been long forgotten

    I discover you

    at the edge of a book

    that is worn like time.

    You became a treasure of in heart.

    My heart has been hollow like an empty room

    and cold like a poor house

    but it is now filled with the warmth of language.

    Used books are not just used

    But they are also the memories,

    temperature of human bodies,

    and time.

    I stayed between the books to think about you.

    Seoul Book Bogo is a public secondhand bookstore in Shincheon-dong, Songpa-gu that merged 29 bookshops in Seoul. Over one hundred seventy thousand books with each of its own stories share the years of their memories. Including donations from famous authors and independent publications, anyone can purchase these valuable books with special price. Seoul Book Bogo is a safe full of treasures.

    SEOUL 360 is a 360° VR video series that introduce Seoul’s new places.
    To fully enjoy the video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tmQPB0XITs and use your mobile device and VR headset. You can move your mobile device from left to right or touch the screen to move the camera.