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3D Seoul View

  • SEOUL 360: Seosomun Historical Park

  • 3D Seoul View SMG 2424
    Some people live in death.
    The land in which they are buried becomes history,
    and we live with it shut.

    The changes of the times
    always spring forth between cracks in walls.

    Light penetrates darkness
    through the boundary between life and death.

    In a time when they drew a line
    between the noble and the lowly.

    Here, people cried for the equality
    of all humans living under the heavens,

    and they were executed
    for clamoring for the freedom of thought and religion.

    The once bloody diagonal road
    remembers the history with silence,

    and I prayed for the integrity of the sublime,
    sitting in silence.

    Those who made light out of death
    resisting the darkness and longing for freedom
    while they were trampled and torn.

    When the walls of the age enclosed them from all directions,
    the heavens opened up like a plaza.
    Even underground, they had their heavens.

    Some people live in death.

    We live on land formed by history
    without remembering the grievances underneath.

    Today, let us promise that we will embrace history
    by meditating on the heavens of someone
    who longed for freedom.

    Seosomun Historical Park is a historical park remodeled from Seosomun Neighborhood Park. In the Joseon dynasty, it was the execution ground for those who resisted Confucian laws, where numberless Catholics and Donghak activists were executed.
    It is the first Asian sacred walking trail that was designated by the Vatican. It is also a historical place that cannot be ignored not only in the history of Roman Catholic but in that of late Joseon dynasty.
    You will be consoled while looking back on the history in the green “Historical Park,” the serene “Consolation Hall,” and the “Haneul Park” underground.

    SEOUL 360 is a 360° VR video series that introduce Seoul’s new places.
    To fully enjoy the video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEj5EAl0igI and use your mobile device and VR headset. You can move your mobile device from left to right or touch the screen to move the camera.