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3D Seoul View


  • 3D Seoul View SMG 918
    As time goes by, what makes us feel sorry is that
    we are getting farther away from our childhood memories,
    rather than that we are getting older.

    Donuimun, now gone with the wind,
    remains only in its name.
    It was once new in the bygone days,
    and was probably called Saemun, meaning “New Gate.”

    Inside the gates of Saemun,
    there was a small village,
    so-called Saemunan Village, meaning “Village inside the New Gate.”

    What was once a new village has become decrepit as time went by.
    Inside, there remains a wish—a wish of not wanting to be forgotten.

    Scenes where you can hear people living inside:
    those excited to visit the photo studio on a very special day;
    those being dragged to the barbershop by Dad;
    those getting a beating by Mom;
    and such childhood memories.

    Our eyes and our hands
    still hold on to those memories.

    Where have we gone, us from the old days,
    until arriving at this corner?

    We were all new, but are becoming old,
    rusty and worn,
    creaking as time goes by.

    If old memories have somewhere to stay
    so that such memories can be passed on
    from generation to generation,

    we could find solace even as time goes by
    because our memories will be still close even though they drift farther away,
    and they will still be with us even though their traces disappear.

    How grateful it is
    that we have our memories.

    That makes today a specially warm day.

    Donuimun Museum Village is an “archives of memory,” keeping 100 years of the modern history of Seoul, that was reborn to preserve the memories of those who were born between the 1960s and 1980s, and the history of Saemunan Village.

    SEOUL 360 is a 360° VR video series that introduce Seoul’s new places.
    To fully enjoy the video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ4ksTXHwZM and use your mobile device and VR headset. You can move your mobile device from left to right or touch the screen to move the camera.