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  • Seoul, 2020 ‘Global Digital Capital’ 4 strategy presentation

  • Press Releases SMG 4406

    – Road map for Seoul digital 5 year plan (2016~2020) 「Seoul Digital Foundation plan 2020」
    – Utilize digital means to enhance communication with citizens‧ Governance
    – Realize ‘Diginomics’ by 50% of digital policies led by citizen by 2020
    – Discover and inculcate 30 Fin Tech start-ups, enterprise support for 507 companies in G-valley
    – Demonstrate 10 districts of IoT (the lnternet of Things) ‘Living lab City’, Free wifi for all public areas by 2017
    – Consolidate life Welfare Information System (BigCare), One stop service to deliver community service centers to your door step by 2017

    □ Seoul municipal came in first place for the past 6 consecutive years from 2003 in digital government category. To budget 460.5 billion KRW in the next 5 years to become the world’s leading digital capital & create a model for it.

    □ First, communicate with citizens and enhance governance by digital means. Citizens, enterprises and experts to focus on the real beneficiary, citizens of public digital service, increase 50% of the total digital industry to citizen led enterprises, increase voting participation by 1 million in 2020 with cities voting app Mvoting. With such reinforce the communication between the city and citizens.

    □ Realize ‘Diginomics’ that support the difficulties of making a living and secure new power industry. The start of the ‘Seoul digital foundation’ this May will act as a thinktank for a consolidated platform for ‘Diginomics’.

    □ Discover and inculcate 30 Fin-Tech start ups, Aid in cultivating 330,000 creative working forces by 2020 through the frontier for digital & finance industry ‘Gaepo Digital Renovation Park’ opening in September.

    □ G-Valley, through IoT academy and hosting hackathon, conferences cultivate 1,240 expertised work force by 2020, identify 243 futuristic businesses by 2020 through identifying study projects and bizmatching consultation.

    □ Solve problems of the city and improve lives of citizens through digital innovation. Expand into 100 enterprises by 2020 starting with Buk-Chon, 1st district for IoT demonstrative project, connecting the whole city as a Living lab.

    □ Enabling access to information by smart phones of Parking spaces, real time update on parking information through ‘Integrated parking information system’ of 550 parking spaces (public 100%, private 20%) to relieve parking problems

    □ “Consolidated life and Welfare Information System'(BigCare) to integrate and manage as a integrated model, currently being managed by multiple private facilities to be structured by 2017. And By 2018, 424 community service center services to act a as a one stop center and to be delivered to your door step.

    □ By Holding ‘Seoul Digital Summit’, strengthen the position of Seoul as a global digital leader by sharing experiences and capabilities at the ‘Seoul Digital Summit’

    □ Municipal of Seoul has announced Road map for 5 year plan for digital policy (2016~2020) 「Seoul Digital Foundation plan 2020」 on Feb 23rd (Tues) through considerations of voices of 100,000 on and off line, public hearing, digital doctor’s congress, information and strategy congress
    ○ Seoul digital 5 year plan is to be renewed 5 yearly by ‘Seoul information basic ordinance’, Municipal of Seoul forming and enhancing this plan upon reflection of the digital environment.

    □ In the Davos forum in January, Seoul has shared the policy and experience of night bus, ‘Night Owl Bus’ through Big data under the title of ‘The fourth industrial revolution’, with the slow down of economies around the world, the cities are seeking for a better way out with examples such as London-FinTech, Sillicon Valley-Start up, Europe-Living lab.

    □ Municipal of Seoul will take foundation strategy as an opportunity of setting foot for ‘New connections, new experience of Global digital Seoul 2020’ and to realize committed to 4 strategies (①social capital ②diginomics ③innovation through digital society ④global digital leader) and 54 action plans

    □ ‘IoT specialized Incubation Center’ (2016), power center for associating the internet for urban problem solution, “Apps Business Center composition (2016, Sangam S-PLEX center) supporting center for 1 man base app developer and also to support start-ups by extending support to those of incubating related to municipal policies.

    □ In ’17 to build the best infrastructure for Free WiFi zone in all public areas from running subways and buses. To build Sang-am cloud center by this year and migrate 100% of data centers to cloud by 2020.

    □ Create by 2020 Iot demonstrative areas of ​​100 places are residential (25, 1 per district), Culture and tourism specialized areas (50, 2 per district), safety-specific areas (23 per fire department units), wide area transport (throughout the city).

    □ To upgrade the chairman to the mayor direct instead of the deputy mayor of ‘Information Strategy Committee’ to ensure execution of the foundation plans and to hold quarterly the ‘digital policy committee meeting’.

    □ On the other hand, ‘Seoul Digital eight 8 principles‘ also has been announced to practice the values ​​and philosophy of the ever-changing digital technology together with citizens (※Refer to attachment).

    □ As in his New year’s address this year, by the mayor of Seoul, He said “this digital basic plan will serve as a road map leading digital Seoul” “So that Seoul will become a digital capital in 2020 and that citizens may benefit from this policy leading directly through digital technology and creating jobs and stimulate the economy through growth digital of the industry, and furthermore solve a variety of urban problems. ”

    Global Digital Seoul 2020 – 54 Initiatives   Digital Seoul 8 principals


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