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  • Seoul and 20 Hospitals Fully Focused on Fighting the Spread of MERS

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the “Private and Public Joint Response Meeting” on June 12 with experts in related areas in order to come up with an effective, specialized countermeasure to stop the spread of MERS.

    After working with the Seoul Medical Association, which is fighting at the frontlines of the MERS prevention effort, to establish a cooperative system to prevent the spread of MERS, the Seoul Metropolitan Government held this meeting on June 8, in close cooperation with specialized private and public institutions, to provide assistance and seek advice on how to prevent MERS from spreading to other regions and communities of Korea.

    The mayor of Seoul and the presidents of 20 hospitals, including three government-designated hospitals, six regional base hospitals, one regional public hospital, three Seoul municipal hospitals, and seven private hospitals, attended the Private and Public Joint Response Meeting.

    At the meeting, the attendees discussed measures to address the issue of medical institutions refusing to treat people who have come into contact with MERS patients and focused on matters related to epidemiologic investigations and medical consultations.

    Also discussed were compensation and relief plans for medical professionals and institutions that have suffered losses or damages for various reasons, such as the closing of hospitals where MERS patients were treated.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government outlined all of the measures that have been taken by hospitals to prevent the spread of MERS and established a practical cooperative measure through which operational resources at each medical institution can be identified quickly and efficiently, including the number of medical personnel and professionals, isolation rooms, negative pressure isolation rooms, subsidiary facilities, and ambulances.

    The government of Seoul will make all possible efforts to resolve the MERS crisis and prevent the spread of MERS to regional communities, including sharing information through an administrative hotline and cooperating actively with private and public medical professionals at the working level.