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  • Seoul’s Spring Flower Trails Capture Visitors’ Attention.

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government selected 102 trails in Seoul that are worth visiting for their beautiful spring flowers. The Government classified the selected spring flower trails into the following five categories according to their characteristics in order to enhance visitors’ convenience: (1) spring flower trails that are ideal for spring outings; (2) spring flower trails that are suitable for spring festivals; (3) spring flower trails that are perfect for enjoying unusual flowers; (4) spring flower trails that are good routes for spring driving; and (5) spring flower trails that offer excellent possibilities for walking and exercise.

    The Meteorological Administration predicts that forsythia will start blooming from April 2; azalea from April 5; and cherry blossoms from April 10; and that spring flowers generally should be in full bloom by around April 16.

    Samcheong Park in Jongno-gu (cherry blossoms) , Walkerhill-gil in Gwangjin-gu (cherry blossoms) , Jungnangcheon Waterfront in Gwangjin-gu (rape flowers)

    The following parks are all blessed with beautiful spring flower trails that are perfect for spring outings

    Jungnang Camping Forest:

    This forest, which used to be a pear orchard area even before the construction of the park, presents a magnificent scenic view of white pear flowers along the walking trail. The forest is also famous for its automobile campsite. Equipped with grassy fields, outdoor tables, and electricity supply facilities, as well as other convenience facilities such as spas and shower rooms, it boasts the best camping facilities in Korea.

    Dream Forest:

    Along the forest’s big avenue, visitors will see wangbeot trees (prunus yedoensis) in full bloom, as well as iris flowers and thousands of wild flowers. Visitors can relax and enjoy lunch as well as cultural performances and an observatory.

    Jungnangcheon Waterfront in Dongdaemun-gu (scarlet poppies) , Jungnangcheon Riverbank in Dongdaemun-gu (cherry blossoms) , Bulgwangcheon Riverside Path in Eunpyeong-gu (cherry blossoms, wild flowers)


    Namsan will be colored by forsythia, azalea, and cherry blossoms in quick succession as the onset of spring approaches. Daffodils are in full bloom along the Northern Circular Road, where a series of streams were recently constructed. A trip in the cable car to N Seoul Tower, or a cup of tea on the terrace of Mongmyeok Sanbang, a teahouse built in the style of hanok (Korean traditional house), are excellent ways to enjoy striking scenic views of Seoul.

    Ttukseom Seoul Forest:

    The blossoms of wangbeot trees (prunus yedoensis) in the ecological forest are fantastic. However, the beautiful flowers in the sunken garden and the butterfly dances at the Insect Plant Hall are also must-see attractions.

    World Cup Park:

    Rape flowers are in full bloom at the Grass Plaza of Pyeonghwa Park, scarlet poppies and babies’ breath at the Metropolis Trail, and forsythia along the Haneul-gil of Haneul Park. The campsites at Noeul Park will be open from May 1, and will start accepting reservations via the Internet from April 2.

    Seo-ro of Yeoui-dong of Yeongdeungpo-gu (cherry blossoms) , Herb Park in Gangdong-gu (poppy, lavender, and other) , Walking Path at Namsan Park (cherry blossoms)

    Children’s Grand Park:

    This park is well known as the most beautiful park in all of Seoul when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Equipped with a zoo and diverse amusement facilities for children, it is one of the best spring outing venues in Korea.

    Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon:

    The wangbeot trees (prunus yedoensis) that flower along the circular road are very impressive. The Zoo and Seoul Land, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the nearby Seoul Racetrack Park are excellent spring outing courses.