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  • Seoul’s October cultural journey

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    The cool autumn breeze caressing one’s face as of late may stir some romantic emotions. On the other hand, the cooling temperature signaling that another year is about to close could trigger some resentment towards the merciless passing of time.

    But, Seoul City said it is here to provide fun and excitement with a street festival designed to shoo away daily anxieties and cleanse the mind. This special treat features a diversity of cultural performances, exhibitions and festivals organized each month.

    2010 Hangang Maponaru Salted Shrimp Festival, Juergen Ruck

    One of the highlights is the “2010 Gyeomjae Jeongson’s Artists of Tomorrow,” running from Oct. 14 to Nov. 9 at the Gyeomjae Jeongson Memorial Hall in Gangseo-gu. This event provides insight into the latest creative explorations of Korea’s future artists through recommended works highlighted each month. The program allows attendees to meet the artists and take part in discussions. Another highlight of this event is the “Oriental Medicine Experience” running until Oct. 28 at Changdeokgung (Palace). Seoul City said both locals and foreigners have a chance to experience the medicine-making process for free. Attendees will, however, have to pay the fee to enter Changdeokgung (Palace).

    The “World Culture and Arts Expedition,” organized by the Seodaemun Cultural Center, is another event worthy of attention until Nov. 1. The event for both children and adults aims to widen visitors’ knowledge of the diverse cultures, history and heritage existing around the world. People all over Seoul are also encouraged to attend a concert night featuring “The Barber of Seville” at the Seocho Gumin Center on Oct. 22.

    Museum Tour, Opera Concert

    The Seodaemun district, meanwhile, is offering free concerts staged by voluntary groups and performers throughout the month of October. In celebration of October’s Culture Month, Seoul City announced that it prepared a wide range of exciting cultural festivals. For instance, from Oct. 15 to 17, the “2010 Gangnam Fashion Festival” took place at various locations around southern Seoul, such as Dosan Park, COEX Plaza and Garosugil in Shinsa-dong. The show covered the latest fashion trends and simultaneously featured a street market and an open bazaar, offering locals a celebration of fashion through culture, business and festivities.

    The festive mood was also created by the “2010 Mapo Food Cultural Festival,” which took place at M Palace Wedding from Oct. 14 to 15, and the “3rd Hangang Maponaru Salted Shrimp Festival,” which ran from Oct. 15 to 17 at the World Cup Stadium Peace Plaza.