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  • Seoul’s Most Popular Policy is ‘Making Seoul a Safer City for Women’

  • Integrated News SMG 2127

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced the top ten most popular policies as chosen by Seoul citizens from among the 99 policies implemented by the current municipal government in line with citizens’ recommendations and requests. The city government recently conducted a ten-day online survey of citizens’ satisfaction with the 99 ‘Seeds of Hope’ projects. A total of 27,946 citizens clicked and 708 people posted their opinions, including 30 suggestions about other topics.

    The most popular policy chosen by the citizens was ‘Making Seoul a Safer City for Women via the adoption of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design).’

    CPTED consists in designing and installing crime-deterrent facilities such as transparent glass elevators and blind spot mirrors in order to deter crime in spaces commonly frequented by women, such as residential areas, parks, parking lots and school premises. The city government is to announce its CPTED guidelines for buildings and facilities to be built in the city by the end of 2012.

    In addition, the city of Seoul will significantly enhance its level of safety, particularly for women, by installing additional CCTVs in 38 parks, operating the Special Judicial Police Squad (particularly at nighttime and during holidays), and increasing the brightness of street lighting from 3~5 to 5~10 lux, while reducing energy consumption by 30~50 percent due to the transition from street lamps to LED lighting.