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  • Seoul’s Most Attractive Aspect Has Been Picked by Seoulites and Foreigners

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    Foreigners’ experience of a hanok, Experience of Korean food “hansik”  The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the results of their “Survey on the Attractiveness of Seoul,” which was conducted among 3,827 Seoulites and foreigners, and singled out “Seoul’s top 50 Attractive Aspects” on October 12.

    The survey was conducted among 2,907 Koreans (Seoul citizens) and 920 foreigners for 19 days during August 10 to 28 both on and offline. This included using the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Website. The survey was analyzed by Nielsen, a professional research firm.

    According to the results of the survey, Korean nationals picked the Hangang River as Seoul’s greatest attraction, while foreigners chose “a wide variety of delicious foods.”

    Notably, the choice of “a wide variety of delicious foods” was so popular that it was picked the most by both Asians and non-Asians. Avoiding the conventional method of objective question-based surveys, which were often used in the past, in the new survey the Seoul Metropolitan Government asked respondents to subjectively single out the three attractive aspects of Seoul they can think of, and to then write down the reasons why. As such, the survey has enabled the City Government to rediscover the diverse attractions that Seoul has to offer, and things that it had not known previously.

    By ranking, Seoulites picked the “Hangang” as the biggest attraction, followed by “royal palaces” as the second, “convenient public transportation” as the third, and “Namsan” and “Cheonggyecheon” as fourth and fifth, respectively. Foreigners singled out “a wide variety of delicious foods” as their favorite, followed by “convenient public transportation,” and “friendly and warm people.”

    A review of foreigners’ answers suggests that foreigners picked “food” as their favorite attraction due to the fact that “side dishes more diverse and larger in quantity than main dishes,” “galbi, which people grill and cut by themselves to eat,” and “the beautiful harmony of colors.” They were deeply impressed with the “convenient public transportation” due to “transfer systems,” “extensive subway lines interlinking across the city,” and “clean and convenient subway stations and bus stops.”

    Notably, they picked “friendly and warmhearted people” who approach them first to offer help, as Seoul’s third biggest attraction. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to use the results of the survey in developing tourism items for domestic and foreign tourists, and creating online contents for use in promoting the diverse attractive aspects of the Korean capital to the world.