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  • Seoul’s Mobile Counseling Service for Foreigners to Include Medical Checkups

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government, in collaboration with public health centers and medical institutions, will include in its mobile counseling service free medical checkups for foreigners, on top of counseling on living, starting with a session at Itaewon Station on April 17.

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    During the mobile counseling service, Seoul Metropolitan Government will collaborate with district health centers and medical institutions to provide free medical checkups, including the testing of blood sugar levels, liver and kidney conditions, and hepatitis, for migrant workers and foreign spouses married to Koreans.

    Introduced in 2009, the mobile counseling service is an on-site total public service designed to serve migrant workers, foreign students, and multicultural families living in Seoul who cannot afford to visit the Seoul Global Center on weekdays due to work and study commitments, in order to help ease some of the difficulties they face while living in the city.

    Organizations or areas that wish to receive the mobile counseling service can use the program by calling the Seoul Global Center at +82-2-2075-4107 or kss7579@seoul.go.kr, or at +82-2-2075-4113 or jinju075@sba.seoul.kr.