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  • Seoul’s developmental know-how spreads overseas

  • Integrated News SMG 2312

    Seoul City said its urban administrative master’s program designed to share the Korean capital’s developmental know-how and its administrative experience with developing countries is bearing fruit.

    The master’s program, launched hand-in-hand with Korea University in 2008, produced its first group of graduates in February 2010. The program celebrated a total of 19 graduates from eight countries, who have now returned to their home countries to apply the Seoul know-how.

    Opening & Farewell Ceremony, A photo of the group of recent students in the classroom.

    The enrolled foreign civil servants learn about Seoul’s major development projects, such as the Hangang Renaissance, 120 Dasan Call Center, tourism marketing, long-term home leasing, city design, and public transportation system reforms. Seventeen students for the second round of enrollees, who represent 12 cities from 10 different countries, are now at the stage of writing their master’s thesis, Seoul City said. The third group of enrollees totaling 20, and representing nine cities across eight countries, is now attending classes at Korea University. Seoul City said will be accepting applicants for the new school year until April 15. Classes are scheduled to begin in August.

    The selected foreign public servants take part in the 13-month course-work program in Seoul and then complete their master’s thesis within a 12-month period back in their home countries.

    Seoul City said its urban administrative master’s program is contributing to the development of developing countries by helping to foster top-notch human resources. It added that it plans to raise Seoul’s international profile by steadily promoting and sharing the city’s administrative model across the globe.

    Enrollees of the second graduating class of Seoul City’s urban administrative master’s program, along with new students of the third graduating class, pose for a photo at the recent farewell and welcoming ceremony.