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  • Seoul’s “mini bus” animation celebrates success

  • Integrated News SMG 5233

    The animation “Ride the Mini Bus”, featuring the blue bus which is representative of Seoul City’s public transportation service, is creating a sensation almost as strong as the country’s popular children’s animation series “Pororo”.

    Seoul City said its “Ride the Mini Bus” animation, inspired by Seoul’s blue buses, was created to raise awareness of public transportation among young children in a friendly and approachable way, while fostering the Seoul public transportation brand.

    The 26-part series, co-produced by Seoul City and Iconix.EBS, was first aired from August to November 2010. From the initial airing, to the reruns that began in February, “Ride the Mini Bus” has been attracting a 2-percent program rating, which EBS says is one of the station’s best ratings.

    Seoul City said the Seoul bus-inspired animation shows not only the potential of successful marketing strategies for public transportation but also serves as an effective means for generating revenue.

    In addition to the animated television production, Seoul City said its public transportation marketing campaign is achieving even greater success with the simultaneous introduction of related DVD programs, books and character products.

    Seoul City said it plans to aggressively use the “Ride the Mini Bus” venture for the city’s overseas promotion activities, and thereby help boost international awareness of the Korean capital.