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  • Seoul’s ‘Happiness for Women Project’ joins hands with the UN

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    Seoul shares its women-friendly project with the world at the World Urban Forum

    At the invitation of the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-HABITAT), Seoul City participated in the fifth session of the World Urban Forum. At the Gender Equality Action Assembly, during the World Urban Forum held in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, Seoul City briefed the international community about its women-friendly policy ‘Happiness for Women Project’ and learnt about a variety of similar policies being carried out by each country.

    The ‘Happiness for Women Project’ aims to transform Seoul into a city that enhances the happiness of its female residents by improving their lifestyles and removing the inconvenient, worrisome and unpleasant obstacles women face during their daily life. Launched in 2007, the project also targets helping women achieve self-realization.

    At a workshop session on the sidelines of the Gender Equality Action Assembly, Seoul City introduced its governance activities for the ‘Happiness for Women Project’ and discussed the achievements of the ‘Good Governance’ campaign of the UN-HABITAT with representatives of cities from around the world.

    The World Urban Forum, which marked its fifth session this year, is an international gathering to discuss global solidarity in order to address the problems stemming from rapid urbanization in regional societies, the economy, environment and urban policies. At each meeting, policymakers, scholars and activists from non-governmental organizations share policies and seek ways to tackle those problems.

    Seoul signs an MOU with UN-HABITAT for its women-friendly policies and projects

    On March 20, or on the final day of the Gender Equality Action Assembly, during the World Urban Forum, Seoul City signed a memorandum of understanding with the UN-HABITAT to make Seoul a women-friendly city, setting the stage for cooperation with the United Nations on policies with respect to women. The two sides agreed that it’s important to build a global network and share mutual information to build a women-friendly city. Under the memorandum of understanding, the two sides spelled out that the ‘Happiness for Women Project’ by Seoul City will be developed as a policy model that is comprehensively adoptable.’ Also, Seoul City agreed to implement the Safer Cities Program by the UN-HABITAT as part of its ‘Happiness for Women Project’. In return, the UN-HABITAT agreed to promote the ‘Happiness for Women Project’ to the international community as a role model for the gender mainstreaming movement.

    Among the main areas of cooperation are gender mainstreaming, safer cities and good government. To that end, both sides agreed to actively participate in events organized by each side and forge cooperation by sharing information, documents, video clips and other materials.

    Washington Governor Chris Gregoire forges cooperation with Seoul

    Officials from Seoul City visited the U.S. state of Washington, on March 15, before participating in the fifth session of the World Urban Forum. Seoul City then invited Washington Governor Chris Gregoire to an international conference on women, which is scheduled to be held in Seoul, in November, in the wake of the summit of the Group of 20 leading and emerging economies.