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  • Seoraeseom Island

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    Seoraeseom Island is a small artificial island located between the Dongjakdaegyo Bridge and Banpodaegyo Bridge. It was created in the 1980s while building the Olympicdaegyo Bridge and developing the Hangang area.

    Even though it is called an “island,” it is located not in the middle of the water but on the riverside, and it is easily accessible as it is connected with three bridges to Bangpo Hangang Park.

    The riverside promenade is lined with weeping willows and the island is filled with flowers to form a beautiful landscape in each season. The island is famous as a popular attraction for couples, strollers and photographers as well as for the Rape Flower Festival in spring and the Buckwheat Festival in autumn.

    Seoraeseom Island has a trail along which you can take a walk around the island and benches where you can appreciate the landscape of the northern part of the Hangang River. The large open grass serves a rest area for many citizens.

    Moreover, the island offers a scenic view of the sunset that colors the skyscrapers and the river red. Why not come and enjoy the stunning evening glow and the urban nightscape on the Hangang River?

    Location: Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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