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  • Seongdaegol and Sipjaseong Maeul to be developed as Energy Self-Reliance Tour Courses

  • Integrated News SMG 2224

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced that it will develop energy self-reliance tour courses at Seongdaegol, Dongjak-gu and Sipjaseong Maeul, Gangdong-gu by 2014. The communities have come together to reduce energy consumption and achieve energy self-reliance by producing energy for themselves in the first place.

    The eventual goal of the municipal government is to develop the two communities as urban energy self-reliant village models for the entire world and to open them up for benchmarking by interested parties from around the globe.

    The municipal government selected seven locations across the city as energy-reliant communities in 2012. Now it has designated two of them as candidates for a worldwide urban energy-reliant community model due to their strong commitment to the project and their relative advantages concerning their potential for development into global tour courses. The metropolitan government is planning to complete its work on the two communities by 2014 and promote them to the world as Seoul ecotourism attractions.