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  • Seollal World Culture Festival to Take Place

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    The Seollal World Culture Festival 2012 will be held in the main building and plaza of the Seoul Museum of History (http://www.museum.seoul.kr/) from 11am to 5pm on January 23. This fabulous multi-cultural event will feature diverse special exhibitions, world culture performances, and cultural experience programs designed to stimulate all five senses of Seoul citizens and help them usher in the Lunar New Year in a joyful atmosphere.

    The festival will feature diverse entertainments for audience members to enjoy, including a farmers music performance by percussion band Teoullim, a performance by students of the AMA (Art Major Asia) scholarship from the Korea National University of Arts, and performances by female cultural performance troupes from the Asian region. A number of experience-focused cultural events are also on the bill, including a world music experience which allows visitors to try out eleven traditional musical instruments, a traditional costume experience with costumes from over ten countries, and traditional games and plays from various countries. Notably, the festival will also present a sampling event for people to try traditional New Year’s Day foods and cuisines from around the world, free of charge.

    Furthermore, the KIST thematic exhibition Robots in the Museum, which has enjoyed immense popularity among children and teenagers, will be held concurrently at the museum. As such, the festival will offer citizens, including parents with children, a great opportunity for an exciting outing that integrates elements of education and entertainment during the upcoming Soellal holiday.

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    The programs are subject to change depending on conditions at the site.