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  • Seodaemun Prison

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    Seodaemun Prison finds its roots in the Kyeongseong Prison, which was built by Japanese imperialists in 1908. During the Japanese occupation, independence fighters were imprisoned there, as were pro-democracy activists after liberation during the period of military dictatorship, and therefore it is fittingly the living witness to the modern history of the Republic of Korea (ROK). As part of the commemoration project for the 50th anniversary of the formation of the ROK government, Seodaemun Prison History Hall opened in November 1998 to serve as the location for the education on Korean history and to encourage visitors to learn about the modern history of Korean people and the spirit of independence of Korean patriotic martyrs.

    Located in the Seodaemun Independence Park, Seodaemun Prison contains the underground prison cell where the young female patriot Yu Gwansun was incarcerated right after the March 1st Movement in 1919, only to be martyred there. The grounds are also home to observation towers, torture rooms, execution grounds, seven prison buildings and a history exhibition hall.

    In celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the March 1st Movement, take time to visit Seodaemun Prison and pay your respects to the people who participated in Korea’s independence and pro-democracy movements.

    Address: 251, Tongil-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Closed: New Year’s Day, Seollal, Chuseok, and Mondays (if the Monday is a public holiday, then the next day is closed as well)

    Admission: KRW 3,000 (adults) / KRW 1,500 (adolescents, soldiers) / KRW 1,000 (children) / Free (senior citizens aged 65 and older, children aged 6 and younger, persons with disabilities, patriots and veterans)

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