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  • Seo-Seoul Museum of Art, a Digital-Based Future Museum, to Open in 2023

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    The Seo-Seoul Museum of Art, the first public art museum in southwestern Seoul, will open in August 2023.
    This museum, located in Geumnarae Central Park in front of Geumcheon-gu Office Station, will be an “art museum inside the park.” It is also expected to bridge the cultural gap between areas as the first public art museum to be built in southwestern Seoul, where cultural facilities are relatively scarce.
    On August 23, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the commencement of the construction based on the winning design of the International Invited Design Competition, along with the main directions of the project.

    <The winning design: “Museum of Daily Life” by Chanjoong Kim>

    The Seo-Seoul Museum of Art aims at being ▴a future art museum, ▴a post-corona era art museum ▴an art museum focusing on Asian culture and art exchange, and ▴a museum in everyday life.
    First, the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art is a future museum based on digital (new media) and convergence art, moving away from conventional art museums that simply exhibit works of art such as paintings and sculptures. It provides new experiences to both visitors and artists by sublimating the regional characteristics of southwestern Seoul, which has changed from an industrial zone in the past to an area where various industries such as IT and fashion coexist, into convergence art.
    The core space of this future art museum consists of the “Intermedia Lab” (a multimedia lab), which is a digital-based studio and the “Media Theater,” a convergence exhibition space.
    The Intermedia Lab is a space where artists can perform creative activities by utilizing technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), and various senses such as sound and movement. The Media Theater will present convergence exhibitions that combine video works and performances.
    Second, the project embodies the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s reflection on the roles of an art museum in the post-corona era, with the development of untact (online) services tailored to the post-corona era that allows people to see exhibitions in a virtual way and participate in education programs in their home without visiting the museum.
    Third, as a new branch of the Seoul Museum of Art, the museum will be specialized as an “Asian culture and art exchange center”. To this end, the museum will build and expand a close network with art galleries, institutions and groups in different regions of Asia and conduct various international exchange projects such as exhibitions and workshops inviting domestic and foreign experts every year.
    Fourth, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning a variety of programs to make the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art an “art museum in everyday life” for local residents. Taking advantage of the spatial characteristics of an “art museum inside the park,” the museum will carry out various outdoor public projects with citizens’ participation so that the local community and art can be harmonized.
    In addition, the museum will also provide the following programs that are currently under development: convergence art programs for the youth who will lead the culture and art of the future generation, customized docent programs to increase accessibility to culture and art for disabled, multicultural and elderly visitors, and art healing programs for the cultivation of artistic emotions and creative thinking.
    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to hold an open discussion meeting and workshop at the Nam-Seoul Museum of Art in November to explore the role and future possibilities of the Seo-Seoul Museum of Art with artists, experts and citizens. From next year, exchange with art museums and art-related institutions in Asia will begin in full scale.