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  • SeMA Green Kim Ku-lim: Like You Know It All

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    SeMA Green Kim Ku-lim: Like You Know It All

    The Seoul Museum of Art has been planning the SeMA Three Color Exhibitions since the spring of 2012 to shed light on the history of Korean art before and after the Korean War and to induce the balanced development of Korean art, which encompasses different generations. With the opening of SeMA Blue: 12 Events for 12 Rooms, which was a youth group exhibition held in April 2012, SeMA Gold 2012_Hidden Tracks, which revealed the hidden ambitions of nineteen veteran artists, ended in great success.

    After the group exhibitions of youth and veteran artists, the SeMA Green Exhibition will focus on the art world of top artists who left behind great achievements in Korean art before and after the Korean War. One artist who is opening the door of the SeMA Green exhibition for the first time is Kim Ku-lim, a first-generation avant garde artist who remains tirelessly committed to creative activity even today.

    Artist Kim Ku-lim was born in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1936. He did not have any formal art education, but has led the activities of such groups as Painting 68, A.G. Group, and the 4th Group, leaving important footsteps in the history of Korean avant garde art by developing his own unique artistic style. In addition, he carried out genre-transcending creative activities that created huge reverberations in the Korean art arena during the 1960-70s, focusing on painting and sculpture as well as happenings, installation art, mail art, body painting, land art, and experimental movies.

    The exhibition titled SeMA Green Kim Ku-lim: Like You Know It All will show some experimental artworks by artist Kim Ku-lim from the 1960s and ’70s. After the presentation, some lost artworks, as well as works which exist only in the form of ‘esquisses’ and could not be realized due to technological problems or realistic limitations, will be exhibited. In particular, Korea’s first experimental movie, The Meaning of 1/24 Sec, will be restored and presented in a 16mm format. It was produced in 1969, but the original copy was lost after its first screening at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2000.

    Korea’s first electric artwork, titled Space Construction, which was produced in 1968 but lost after the Art Exhibition of 11 Korean Artists held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, as well as a large installation artwork titled From Phenomenon to Traces D, which was forcibly pulled down by the organizer even though it had been invited by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in 1970, will be exhibited as well.

    The title of the exhibition ‘Like You Know It All’ was adopted from director Hong Sang-su’s movie with the same title (2009). Korea’ experimental art and artworks by artist Kim Ku-lim, which have not received a lot of attention in the history of Korean art for the past half century, will send out humorous and satirical messages to visitors.

    • Name: SeMA Green Kim Ku-lim: Like You Know It All
    • Host: Seoul Museum of Art
    • Organizer: Seoul Museum of Art
    • Exhibition Venue: Seosomun Main Building 1F
    • Period: July16 -October-13, 2013
    • Operation Hours: Tue-Fri 10:00-20:00
    • Sat, Sun, Holidays: 10:00-18:00
    • Admission Fees: None
    • Exhibition Categories: Painting, installation art, video, and other
    • Attending Artist: Kim Ku-lim