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  • SeMA Exhibit Docenting App Launching Event

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    SeMA Exhibit Docenting App Launching Event

    To provide visitors with more diverse forms of exhibit guide services, the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) has launched a docenting video for its outdoor sculpture park and Chun Kyung ja’s life and world of art.

    SeMA Exhibit Docenting App Launching Event

    Currently, the Nam Seoul Museum of Art is holding the opening exhibit for the NamSeoul Living Arts Museum (Craft Masters Today – the 17th Invitation Exhibit of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Seoul by the Seoul Intangible Heritage Preservation Society). On Thursday, March 14, the museum launched a visual and audio docenting service for the works of art at the museum.

    The SeMA exhibit app is available at the mobile web (http://m.seoulmoa.seoul.go.kr) being serviced by SeMA along with the museum introduction, exhibit schedules, collections, SeMA e-discount coupons, and museum SNS so that museum services can be provided not just in mobile web but also through an app.

    A viewer can also create his/her own gallery featuring the collections and exhibits of the museum. Therefore, he/she can register and view any desired work of art of the museum.

    The SeMA docenting app can now be downloaded at the Google Play Store as an opening event along with “the foot stamp service” at the Outdoor Sculpture Park on March 14. Service at iTunes App Store will soon follow.

    Overview of the Opening Event

    • Title: SeMA Exhibit Docenting App Launching Event
    • Time: from 10:00 on Thursday, March 14, 2013 until supplies last
    • Place: SeMA Outdoor Sculpture Park
    • Souvenir: 100 card-type USBs (4Gbyte) with SEMA panorama and artist Choi Jeong-hwa’s “La Vie En Rose” patterns


    • Search “SeMA Docenting App’ at Google Play Market and download and install the docenting app.
    • Apply for the event after getting foot stamps for seven sculptures at the Outdoor Sculpture Park.
    • Get a souvenir at the information desk in the exhibition hall after ID verification.