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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Selection of Exemplary 2014 Global Seoul Mates

  • SMG 4547


    Hello, 2014 Global Seoul Mates! Thank you very much for all your efforts to promote Seoul and for sharing your experiences across the globe in 2014.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected eighty-three “exemplary Global Seoul Mates” from among 192 Global Seoul Mates entries based on the quality of the finished entry and the successful dissemination of Seoul-related contents.

    We hope that the selectees will continue their efforts to discover Seoul’s hidden gems and publicize the our wonderful city to the world so as to make it a better city.

    * The Seoul Metropolitan Government has prepared a special gift for those selected as the best 2014 Global Seoul-Mates. Please download the following form and send it to english@seoul.go.kr by May 6, 2015 (Wed) (*Korean Time).


    《Selection of Exemplary 2014 Globcoral Seoul Mates》


    Name Country or Region
    21 kenpu Japan
    Virendra Rathod India
    masako saikawa Japan
    Okuyama Chikako Japan
    siying tan Singapore
    Alcina Knabben Brazil
    PEII CHEN Taiwan
    Putry Febryanty Indonesia
    Rossella Meloni Italy
    怡萍 曹 China
    小島 洋(Hiroshi KOJIMA) Japan
    Ami Lee Taiwan
    Alex Nems Poland
    洁 谌 China
    Goh Vanessa Singapore
    汤 淑贤 China
    Cory May U.S.A
    星 金 China
    Devi Faramitha Indonesia



    Name Country or Region
    Lin WanRu Taiwan
    马 春萌 China
    親子 辻 Guinea Bissau
    Maraida Claudel Philippines
    昕 李 China
    azusa eto Japan
    Amy CHOW Hong Kong
    李 淑君 China
    CHUNG YEE NEE Malaysia
    Tokiko sugimoto Japan
    惠玲 姚 China
    jiaqi xing China
    Mélissa Casas Aragon France
    Wang ZiQi China
    陈 超燕 China
    喆 郭 China
    Natcha Poompradit Thailand
    Pan Vera Taiwan
    Elley Chan Malaysia
    CANIKLI Sinem Betul Turkey
    bezazel ferhat Algeria
    Yinsoo Tan Singapore
    Zhang Wen China
    ZHU ZIYING China
    天天 兄弟 China
    Chang LiYing China
    fei tiancheng China
    李 程 China
    梅燕 林 China
    Delgado Alfonso Philippines
    舒伦 何 China
    LIN WANLING Taiwan
    PuiSzeDonna Fung Hong Kong
    龚 绘心 China
    葵 黑崎 China
    Ladner Mimsie The United States
    Annami van der Merwe South Africa
    January Francisco Philippines
    Marilyn Morales Mexico
    niu xiaoniu China
    NurSentana Daniel Indonesia
    Renata Gazieva Russia
    Takako Fujikawa(孝子 藤川) Japan
    yang congtou China
    蓝 兔子 China
    安 媛 China
    王 春丽 China
    秋红 朱 China
    MOT Stephane France
    Daria Dudko Russia
    Florencia Bragado Philippines
    萱 杜 China
    Chen Qingqing China
    ho wing yin Hong Kong
    JUNYI LI China
    kou yu China
    怡 康 China
    俊良 賴 Unknown
    Toh YanQinElizabeth Singapore
    Marce irena Czech Republic
    Yahaya Nooryahanis Malaysia