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Global Seoul - Mate Notice

  • Selection of Exemplary 2013 Global Seoul Mates

  • Global Seoul - Mate Notice SMG 4143


    Hello, 2013 Global Seoul Mates! Thank you very much for all your efforts to promote Seoul and for sharing your experiences across the globe in 2013.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected eighty “exemplary Global Seoul Mates” from among 218 Global Seoul Mates entries based on the quality of the finished entry and the successful dissemination of Seoul-related contents.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to re-appoint the selected Seoul Mates as 2014 Global Seoul Mates, and we hope that the selectees will continue their efforts to discover Seoul’s hidden gems and publicize the our wonderful city to the world so as to make it a better city.

    *Exemplary Seoul Mates will automatically be re-appointed as 2014 Global Seoul Mates without having to file a new application, and a letter of appointment for 2014 will be issued to each.
    *Please fill out the “Seoul Mate Information” form below, by May 26, 2014 (Mon), so that we may send you a special gift.
    *If you have been previously selected as an exemplary Seoul Mate, yet you do not wish to be re-appointed as a 2014 Global Seoul Mate, please email us at english@seoul.go.kr

    2013 Exemplary Global Seoul Mates


    Name Country or Region
    Bomba Magdalena Poland
    星 金 China
    PEII CHEN Taiwan
    masako saikawa Japan
    Ami Lee Taiwan
    MOT Stephane France
    晓璨 陈 China
    昕 李 China
    Ladner Mimsie USA
    喆 郭 China
    Amy CHOW Hong Kong
    惠玲 姚 China
    jiaqi xing China
    舒伦 何 China
    知子 布施 Japan
    可莹 施 China
    Putry Febryanty Jakarta
    怡萍 曹 China
    Delgado Alfonso Philippines
    21 kenpu Japan
    萱 杜 China
    Devi Faramitha Indonesia
    俊良 賴 Taiwan



    Name Country or Region
    Abid Hassan Pakistan
    Verdin Gisela Mexico
    azusa eto Japan
    陈馨 China
    親子 辻 Japan
    霏梦 王 China
    CANIKLI Sinem Bet Turkey
    葵 黑崎 China
    蓓蕾 曾 China
    有为 顾 China
    Takako Fujikawa(孝子 藤川) Japan
    ChiaHsuan Tsai Taiwan
    Tokiko sugimoto Japan
    JUNYI LI China
    Wiam Chung China
    秋红 朱 China
    Zhang Wen China
    richelyn chua Philippines
    梦夏 沈 China
    Jing Che China
    Foon Kerliza USA
    旭 王 China
    雪飞 郑 China
    虹 姜 China
    PuiSzeDonna Fung Hong Kong
    Soon Desiree Singapore
    翔麟 莊 Taiwan
    凱希 張 Taiwan
    YUHUA LI China
    NurSentana Daniel Indonesia
    久美子 西野 Japan
    璧珺 顾 China
    Mariko 茉莉子 Japan
    Ngo Brandon Philippines
    凯璇 李 China
    漪 连 China
    洁 谌 China
    Yahaya Nooryahanis Malaysia
    YENCHI SHIH Taiwan
    挺 雷 China
    Toh YanQinElizabeth Singapore
    琳 程 China
    jingwen zhuang China
    洱 苏 China
    梅燕 林 China
    Zhiwei Cheng Singapore
    怡 康 China
    Marce irena Czech
    juan MA China
    yunyu lan China
    Medimorec Nikola Germany
    Paik Alexander USA
    ROY PARTHA India