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  • Select Your Ten Favorite Seoul Tourism Souvenirs and Win a Souvenir!

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    The City of Seoul will select 100 representative Seoul tourism souvenirs for domestic and foreign tourists. A total of 130 souvenirs symbolizing Seoul will be displayed. Visitors are asked to attach stickers to the ten best items selected by them. It is a way of voting. Lots will also be drawn for the distribution of small souvenirs to foreign participants. The souvenirs will be exhibited at Cheongwadae Sarangchae (9.28~29), the Myeongdong Global Culture & Tourism Center (10.4~10.6), and Seoul Citizens’ Hall (9.28~29).

    In order to differentiate the new souvenirs from the kinds of souvenirs that were developed as handicrafts in the past and to develop superior tourism souvenirs that are both symbolic and practical, the Seoul held its first ‘representative Seoul tourism souvenir contest’ from June 10th to September 6th of this year.

    As a result, 266 superior items were accepted from 180 companies and submitted for an initial screening followed by a selection process conducted by experts to whittle the number down to 130. By reflecting the evaluation result and the experts’ screening result, the 100 highest-rated goods will be selected in a final screening by experts.

    For the contest, the souvenir themes were organized into to seven selected categories including Seoul City Wall, Hanok Village, Seoul City Hall, Seoul Metropolitan Library, Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and Seoul (Korean, English, pictographs), as well as a free theme related to the image and characteristics of Seoul. Prices range from middle low (less than KRW 30,000) to high (from KRW 30,000 up to KRW 100,000).

    The 100 selected souvenirs of Seoul will be made available for purchase in souvenir shops run by Seoul Metropolitan Government, public and private organizations, and online shopping malls, with the active support of public relations aimed at boosting sales. They will also be awarded the certification mark of Seoul and placed on sale in souvenir shops related to the city of Seoul including Seoul Citizens’ Hall, Cheongwadae Sarangchae, Design tag and etc as well as souvenir shops run by public and private organizations.