Sejong-daero Turns Into a Street of National Flags

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide a variety of activities and events designed to attract children’s interest in Taegukgi (National Flag of South Korea) at the 550m-long pedestrian street of Sejong-daero on June 5, 2016. The events include a session for learning how to draw the Taegukgi.

The SMG will also hold programs for families in Gwanghwamun Square until October as shown in the following table:

(All on Sundays)
June5thCultural Activities for Young People∘ Hands-on experience events and exhibitions based on themes associated with Taegukgi
– Taekwondo performances, making Taegukgi-themed umbrellas, etc.
19thGwanghwamun Hope-Sharing Flea Market∘ One-day flea market
Aug.7thSummer Water Activities∘ A downtown waterpark
21stGwanghwamun Hope-Sharing Flea Market∘ One-day flea market
Sept.4thMerrymaking Traditional/Cultural Activities∘ Hands-on experience of traditional culture on the occasion of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)
– An event for families
18thGwanghwamun Hope-Sharing Flea Market∘ One-day flea market
Oct.2ndLet’s Enjoy Fall Together∘ An event designed to get to know one another under the pleasant fall weather
– With the participation of families and undergraduate clubs and open cafes for book lovers
∘ Costume plays and walking events
16thGwanghwamun Hope-Sharing Flea Market∘ One-day flea market