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  • Sejong-daero Pedestrian Street Event on September 21

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    From 7am to 7pm on September 21 (Sun), traffic will be diverted away from a 1.1km-strip of Sejong-daero (between Gwanghwamun three-way intersection and Seoul City Hall). Instead of cars, the street and the surrounding area will be packed with various programs and performances put on by Seoul citizens under the theme “Friendly, Safe, Dreaming, and Breathing Street”.

    As a result, bus stations at Gwanghwamun and Seoul City Hall will not be serviced on that day. Instead, city buses and city tour buses will use detours and make stops at other temporary spots in the vicinity. Details about the detour routes are available through Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS) and the Dasan Call Center (☎120).

    Visitors will be treated to a wide variety of events and programs along Sejong-daero, including the Gwanghwamun Hope Sharing Market, where people can purchase used items at affordable prices; the Foreigners’ Flea Market; 1004 Baduk Games; Safety and CPR Training sessions; as well as various events that have been planned and organized by health service organizations selected through public participation. Furthermore, people will have the opportunity to participate in various health and sports programs, such as futsal, basketball, walking, yoga, and sport climbing in the middle of Sejong-ro.

    Also, there will be an eco-friendly experience program, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce its environmental policies, such as the car mileage reduction and eco-mileage projects. Of particular interest, some eco-friendly vehicles will be showcased and made available for test-drives, and exhibitions about the history and future of cars will be held.

    At the 1004 Baduk Games, professional baduk player Lee Chang-ho (Baduk level 9) will play 1004 games at the same time with people of various ages and backgrounds. People attending the festivities will also have a chance to take a walk with Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, from Seoul City Hall to Gwanghwamun, and contemplate the value and significance of car-free days.

    At Cheonggyecheon-ro and Cheonggye Plaza, a recycling market and Farmers’ Market, where shoppers can receive discounts of up to 30 percent on produce from 61 cities and districts in Korea, will be held. Additionally, along the streets of Yukuijeon, introductions of great tourism products will be offered, the Gwangjang Market Merchants Association will hold a bazaar, and the Yukjijeon of the past will be reproduced.

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