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  • “Secretly Greatly” Art Star Korea: Final 3

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    The Seoul Museum of Art (Director: Kim Hong-hee) will be hosting the exhibition “Secretly Greatly” from June 10 until August 3 that features the works of the final three contestants of CJ E&M Story on’s art survival program “Art Star Korea.”


    • Exhibition Title: “Secretly Greatly” Art Star Korea: Final 3
    • Exhibition Period: 3rd Exhibition Room (3F), SeMA
    • Location: 2,546m2 (1 level below ground, 3 levels aboveground).
    • Featured Artists: Ku Hye-young, Shin Je-hyun, & Yu Byeong-seo
    • Inquiries: Shin Eun-jin (☎ 02-2124-8939)

    Story on’s “Art Star Korea” (ASK) is the first art-themed survival TV program planned and produced in Korea. The program, which aims to discover talented artists who will lead the future of Korean modern art, was a hot topic even before it aired due to its inclusion on the show of some of the most authoritative and recognized figures in the modern art community to serve as mentors and judges. The suspense-filled survival battle of talented artists and the touching stories that emerge from their pure passion for art have won the program great popularity from an enthusiastic viewership. The winner of the survival competition will receive KRW 100,000,000 to be used for artistic creation, the opportunity to hold a private exhibition at a distinguished art gallery, a chance to study abroad, and various other prizes.

    The “Top 3” contestants selected on June 8 (Ku Hye-young, Shin Je-hyun, and Yu Byeong-seo) will be displaying works that are products of the assigned mission of the most recently broadcast ASK episode as well as works that explore much heavier and darker themes. The exhibition is part of SeMA’s efforts to break away from its formal image and embrace a new approach to art. By collaborating with the broadcasting company, the museums hopes to show its acceptance of rapidly changing trends in modern art and support the discovery of new artists who are able to successfully blend artistry with pop culture.

    The eleventh episode of ASK will be broadcast on June 15 (Sun) at 11 pm as a special episode entitled “Special Talk with the 15 Contestants.” The last episode, which will reveal the program’s final winner, will be broadcast on Story on at 11 pm on June 22 (Sun). The artwork of Ku Hye-young, Shin Je-hyun and Yu Byeong-seo made for the program’s final mission will be on display at SeMA until August 3 (Sun).