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  • Second Stage of Subway Line No. 9 to Open from March, Test Operations from January 31

  • Traffic News SMG 4598

    From March 2015, the second stage of Subway Line No. 9, from Sinnonhyeon Station to Sports Complex Station, will being operations in earnest.

    < From Gimpo Airport Station to Sports Complex Station will take thirty minutes less than before…under 38 minutes without transfer >

    If the Subway Line No. 9 route from Gimpo Airport Station to Sports Complex Station is opened to the public in March, the estimated time en route will be drastically decreased from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. Currently, the fastest route from Gimpo Airport Station to Sports Complex Station, via the Subway Line No. 2, takes about 65 minutes, but if an express subway is used, it will take about 38 minutes without transfer.

    Also, the accessibility of the nearby areas of the second stage section, including Eonju Station, Seonjeongneung Station, Samseong Central Station, Bongeunsa Station, and Sports Complex Station, is expected to be improved greatly.

    <Test Operations from January 31, the Ratio of Full-Day General to Express Subways Will Be Adjusted from 2:1 to 1:1>

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will start test operations of the second-stage section from January 31, and in order to minimize the waiting time of passengers, resulting from these test operations, the ratio of general to express subways will be adjusted from 2:1 to 1:1. Prior to the test operations, the SMG completed the verification process for the facilities last month, and after establishing an integrated monitoring system, in cooperation with external experts, and conducting safety verification for test operations, more than 10,000 test runs will be carried out over a span of 83 days starting this Saturday and running until the official opening day.

    If the test operations are conducted while maintaining the current operating ratio — general to express 1:1 during the rush hour and 2:1 at usual times — the commute distance will be lengthened by about 4.5km and the waiting time will be 0.3~1 minute longer during the commute time. Under normal circumstances, it will take 1.5 minutes and 3 minutes longer for general subways and express subways, respectively.

    Therefore, to reduce these inconveniences, the ratio of general to express subways will be adjusted to 1:1 on a full-day basis; thus, the operating frequency and the waiting time during rush hour will not differ greatly from present, but the operating frequency of express subways during non-rush hour times will increase, reducing the waiting time by about three minutes: from the current 13 minutes to 10 minutes.

    < Expected to Increase Subway Car Number When the Third Stage Opens, Measures to Reduce Inconvenience Will Be Executed >

    In addition, the SMG has increased 48 subway cars in 2011, three years earlier than initially scheduled.

    Category Total First Stage Second Stage Third Stage
    No. of Planned Cars 198 cars 96 cars 34 cars 68 cars
    No. of Currently-Secured Cars 144 cars 96 cars (2009) 48 cars (2011)  

    The SMG will seek multiple measures to relieve traffic congestion, e.g., newly-establishing or adjusting a bus line serving the busiest section between Gimpo Airport and Yeouido and by consistently monitoring and analyzing the demand of passengers before increasing the number of subway cars.