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  • Search for a Founder and Administrator of ‘Gaepo Foreign School’ (Tentatively Named)

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces the search for a founder and administrator of Gaepo Foreign School

    June 13, 2011
    Mayor of Seoul

    1. Overview

    Location : 153, 153-1 Gaepo-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea
    ※ Main Facilities : Main Building(built in 1980), New Wing(1988), Gymnasium, etc.

    Land Size : 16,077.9㎡ (3.972 acres) / property of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
    ※ 106.9 billion KRW based on the Officially Assessed Individual Land Price of 2011 (6.65 KRW million per ㎡)

    School Capacity : around 800 students from preschool to high school (English speaking)

    Business Structure
    – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will lease the land.
    ‣ The annual lease fee is 1% of or higher than the declared land value of the year. A founder and administrator of Gaepo Foreign School will propose appropriate land lease fees.
    ‣ The lease term ranges from 20 to 50 years. The granting of an additional term, extension or a new lease will be at the option of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    – The founder and administrator shall be responsible for all construction costs.
    ‣ The founder and administrator shall be solely responsible for its own expenses required to remove old school buildings from the site at Gaepo and build new school buildings.
    ‣ The full ownership of the new school buildings will be transferred to The Seoul Metropolitan Government through contributed acceptance in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations upon the expiration of the term of the lease or termination of lease contract.

    Opening Date : September, 2013
    ※ The scheduled opening date may be adjourned until September, 2014 with the consent of the Seoul Metropolitan Government under reasonable cause.

    2. Eligibility of Applicant

    Individuals or organizations, which are eligible to establish a foreign school pursuant to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea.
    – Foreigners, non-profit foreign organizations, Korean private school organizations
    ※ Non-profit foreign organization means an organization organized under the laws of a foreign country, having its non-profit principal office in a foreign country. Persons planning to organize a non-profit foreign organization may also apply.

    3. Schedule

    Project Briefing : Friday, June 17, 2011, 14:00 at Haechi Hall, Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center, 5th floor, M Plaza, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong 2(i)-ga, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    ※ Subway Line No. 4, Myeong-dong Station, Exit No. 6
    ※ ‘Guideline for Preparation of Business Plan’ will be distributed on the above date : It may also be downloaded at Seoul Global Center’s website : http://global.seoul.go.kr.

    Business Plan Submission Due Date : Thursday, August 18, 2011,18:00(arrival)

    Business Plan Evaluation : September, 2011
    – First selection of schools (3 to 5 schools) will be made after the business plans submitted by the applicants are fairy evaluated.
    ※ First selected schools will be notified of the result individually

    On-Site Evaluation : September – October, 2011
    – On-site evaluation on first selected schools.

    Final Evaluation and Decision : October, 2011
    – After a comprehensive on-site evaluation, two to three negotiation partners will be selected.

    Negotiation and Contract : October, 2011 – January, 2012
    – Contract regarding land lease, school operation, and etc. will be concluded after a negotiation period.
    ※ The above schedule is subject to change as deemed necessary by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Applicants will be notified individually in case of a schedule change.

    4. Others

    Applicants shall submit a business plan prepared in accordance with ‘Guideline for Preparation of Business Plan’ by the deadline.
    ※ All documents submitted will not be returned nor disclosed without the applicants’ consent.

    For more details, please refer to ‘Guideline for Preparation of Business Plan’.

    5. Submission and Contact Information

    Foreign Residents Assistance Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government tel) (02) 2171-2446, 2447
    ※ E-mail : donghoon@seoul.go.kr, Website : http://global.seoul.go.kr

    Location : 3rd Floor, Korea Press Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    ※ Subway Line No. 1 & 2, City Hall Station, Exit No. 4, or Subway Line No. 5, Gwanghwamun Station, Exit No. 5