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  • Scanline VFX Opens its Sixth Global Studio in Seoul

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    Scanline VFX has opened its sixth global studio in the city of Seoul. Scanline VFX is a global innovation company that has taken part in the visual effects projects for Hollywood blockbuster films, including “The Avengers,” “Aquaman,” “Terminator 6: Dark Fate,” “Midway,” and more.

    Established in 1989, Scanline VFX is a global innovation company that has been in charge of the visual effects for more than 15 Hollywood films every year and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Scanline VFX has global studios in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany; Los Angeles, United States; and Vancouver and Montreal, Canada. Its global studio that just opened in Seoul is the sixth.

    While discussing the reason for investing in Seoul, Scanline VFX’s President Stephan Trojansky remarked, “With the increasing number of orders from Hollywood that we receive at our headquarters, we decided to open a global studio in Seoul after taking into account the outstanding technology and skills of Korean artists, the enthusiastic and systematic support by the city of Seoul, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and KOTRA, and the environment of Korea and Seoul. We realized that city of Seoul was perfect for our investment.”

    The global studio of Scanline in Seoul will not only produce and export visual effects for Hollywood films but it will also implement the VFX R&D work force training project, in which newly employed Korean artists can learn about Scanline’s cutting-edge technologies and produce visual effects based on the training.

    The technologies that will be developed in Scanline’s studio in Seoul will be commercialized and offered to domestic VFX companies. Seoul expects that this way, the VFX industry in Korea will advance in quality and Korean companies can supply for more demands from Hollywood.

    The Seoul studio of Scanline VFX Korea will closely collaborate with other global studios to actively produce Hollywood films for years to come.