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  • SBS TV, Other Broadcasters to Rerun Animation “My Friend, Haechi”

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    “My Friend, Haechi” is a family animation produced by Seoul City to bring Haechi, the city’s symbol, closer to its citizens. The animation series was originally aired on SBS TV from July 25, 2010 to February 10, 2011.

    Poster of ‘My Friend, Haechi’, Haechi, the hero

    The popular pop music band Girls’ Generation sang the theme song, and a “making of program” – which showcased the animation production process for the first time in Korea’s broadcast history – was aired ahead of the airing of this animation, drawing keen attention from viewers.

    My Friend, Haechi presented Haechi both as a new hero and as a guardian of justice who is as friendly as a close friend, by integrating Haechi’s symbolic image with a fantasy stemming from the presentation of Haechi as a mythical animal. The series drew a positive response from viewers due to its high creative quality and interesting storyline.

    Girls’ Generation, who sing the theme song , Haechi’s heroic activities in the animation

    My Friend, Haechi enjoyed immense popularity comparable to that of Dooly, the Baby Dinosaur. However, the significance of the new animation was downplayed to some extent due to the fairly widespread prejudice that Haechi is a character created by the government, even though it received a good assessment for its quality and a positive response from viewers.

    SBS TV, which aired My Friend, Haechi, explained that its decision to rerun the animation only two months after the show’s first airing ended was the result of mounting demand from viewers for a rerun, and that it wants to provide more citizens with a chance to enjoy the fun and excitement “My Friend, Haechi” has to offer.

    My Friend, Haechi is being aired on SBS TV from 4:00 to 4:30 pm every Monday and Tuesday, beginning April 4. The show is also being aired on TBS TV, cable channel Champ, and satellite channel Ani One. Seoul City plans to further expand the second airing of My Friend, Haechi via other channels and IPTV, and intends to sell the copyright to this work to foreign companies.