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  • SBA-Supported Games Won 2010 Korea Game Awards

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    The Seoul Business Agency (SBA), a professional business incubation agency that acts on behalf of Seoul Metropolitan City, announced that two Seoul Metropolitan City and SBA financed games had won awards at the 2010 Korea Game Awards in November. ‘Sticker Shooting Star’, a mobile game by Blue Pepper, and ‘Aranuri’, an educational game by SamG, were awarded for excellence in their respective categories.

    Winner of Korea Game Award 2010 for Functional Game Category ‘Aranuri’ by SamG Games, Winner of Korea Game Award 2010 for Mobile Game Category‘Sticker Shooting Star’ by Blue Pepper

    The Korea Game Award 2010 winners were selected in several categories, including on-line games and mobile games, by evaluation of judges, on-line netizen and games journalist votes, and evaluation of those in the games industry.

    ‘Sticker Shooting Star’ is a mobile phone game equipped with an editor function to create stickers in the game. It was highly recognized for its unique features that enable users to exercise their creativity and have fun while creating their own game characters, weapons and other in-game resources.

    ‘Aranuri’, a Nintendo DS game, is a vocational education game for children. It is the first commercialized game to have been developed by the Seoul Metropolitan City. Indeed, Seoul has been supporting such projects for the past three years. The purpose of the game is to let children experience various jobs while enjoying the game. It was praised for successfully and simultaneously pursuing fun and education.

    Seoul Metropolitan City and SBA, encouraged by these achievements in the Korea Game Awards, plan to respond to the new needs of the games industry and enhance its support for new media games, such as SNG and smart phone applications, as well as mobile and functional games.