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  • Save the Endangered Animals! The Center for Species Preservation Education Opens

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    On December 4, the Seoul Grand Park opened the “Center for Species Preservation Education” to promote and educate people on species preservation activities. The center consists of the “Species Preservation Room,” where lectures and screenings will be held, and an exhibition hall to showcase globally endangered species, including slow lorises and endemic Korean herptiles.

    The Species Preservation Room is a space where lectures and discussion meetings will be held to inform visitors of the importance of species preservation, focusing on the efforts of the zoo to contribute to the stability of the domestic ecosystem, instead of merely putting animals on display.

    Some slow lorises, which are a globally endangered species that are often smuggled and sold due to their cute appearance, were confiscated in Korea and are currently being cared for at Seoul Grand Park. By showcasing them, the park authorities hope to raise awareness of the illegal smuggling of wild animals. Also, endemic Korean amphibians, which are disappearing due to the loss of habitat and environmental pollution, including boreal digging frogs, oriental fire-bellied toads, Asiatic toads, and Korean golden frogs, will be put on display to inform visitors of the importance of low-trophic level species to the health of ecosystems.

    Images of Animals at the Center for Species Preservation Education

    • Slow Loris
    • Otter
    • Reeve’s Turtle
    • Korean Golden Frog