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  • Save 360,000 won a Year by Following the “10 Rules for Eco-friendly and Economic Driving”

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently published its “10 Rules for Eco-friendly and Economic Driving,” which lists simple ways to reduce annual fuel consumption by 10% for a savings of 360,000 won per person.

    ※ 10 Rules for Eco-friendly and Economic Driving


    One of the campaign rules suggests emptying your trunk to lighten the overall weight of the car. Also, by putting your car in neutral while waiting at traffic lights, you can prevent wasting energy and fuel. Coasting downhill, instead of stepping on the gas, can also help reduce the use of fuel.

    By following these and the rest of the 10 rules, it is possible to reduce your total fuel consumption by 182L a year, which translates into a savings of 360,000 won per person. If all 3 million vehicles s registered in Seoul were operated following these rules, it would amount to a total savings of 1.07 trillion won.

    Environmentally speaking, if all registered cars in Seoul were to participate in this movement, CO2 emissions would be reduced by a total of 890,000 tons, which would have the same environmental impact as planting 180 million pine trees every year. Through the campaign, the Seoul Metropolitan Government also hopes to reduce fine air particles (PM2.5) by about 79 tons, which would greatly alleviate some of the city’s air pollution concerns.

    In addition to its financial and environmental benefits, the city government believes that the adoption of the campaign will help prevent traffic accidents and promote a culture of “safe driving”. Experts say that practicing the aforementioned rules would reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents by 8% and reduce casualties by 14% as well as serious injuries by 36%.