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  • Sanmaru Playground in Seoul

  • Sanmaru Playground in Seoul

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, JAN 14: (No charge for the supply, release, or publication of the photograph. The photos are allowed for editorial and commercial use, and the image is retouched with color modifications.)

    Established in conducting Nuri Space Project in the Changsin-Sungin urban restoration zone, Sanmaru Playground deviates from a playground’s standardized form. It is a creative playground based on a new concept, with a thimble-shaped structure that symbolizes the regional meaning of Changsin-dong, the mecca of the sewing industry. Outside, there is a red clay playground, a sand playground, and an open square, while inside, there is a nine-meter-high jungle gym, a children’s library, the Thimble Hall (rest area for residents), a management office, and the restroom. On top of the structure, there is an observatory where visitors can overlook Seoul’s downtown, including Namsan Tower.