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  • Sangam World Cup Park offers outdoor skating, sled rides

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    Skating rink , Sled-riding rink

    Seoul City has announced that it opened an outdoor skating rink and sled-riding grounds on Dec. 4 at the Sangam World Cup Park, to add excitement to the cold winter days.

    The World Cup Park skating rink and sled-riding grounds, managed by the West Green Seoul Bureau, will be open until Feb. 13, 2011 every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    The skating rink covers a space of 1,800 square meters and the sled-riding area covers a space of 540 square meters. For convenience, the two recreational facilities are surrounded by a resting area and a shelter for storing personal belongings.

    Free skating lessonsSeoul City said the sled ride service is aimed at accommodating the needs of those below five years old so that the whole family can enjoy a day out.

    Seoul City added that it will provide free skating lessons two times a week from Jan. 3 to 28 to children in kindergarten and elementary school, as well as the general public, which includes junior-high-school and high-school students. The free lessons will be offered to a total of 90 beginner skaters throughout the lessons scheduled in one day.