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  • Sangam DMC to be Available as Set for Film and Drama Shoots

  • Integrated News SMG 2180

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer all the facilities, natural scenery, sculptures, and road facilities in the DMC as sets for film and drama shoots, and allow anyone to use the facilities via a new online reservation system in order to widely promote the excellence of Korean movies and tourism attractions in Seoul.

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    First, the City Government will construct a unified reservation system for the filming of movies and TV dramas and operate the system from July. Previously, whenever production companies sought to film within the DMC, they had to consult with the managing agencies of individual buildings or facilities. Once the new reservation system is in place at the DMC website (http://dmc.seoul.go.kr), anyone will be able to apply to reserve a venue and date for filming, which the Seoul Metropolitan Government will then collectively manage.

    Initially, the reservation system will be applied to the DMC High-Tech Industry Center, the DMC Promotion Room, Digital Media Street and the DMC F&D Center, but it will eventually be expanded to cover all the facilities in the DMC.

    Additionally, the City Government will discover venues suitable for filming, construct a database of detailed information and costs for use, and make the data available via the DMC website. The City Government will also handle the overall administrative process required for filming at the DMC.

    If venues suitable for filming are publicized, along with the reservation system, the City Government expects they will enable not only rookie movie directors, who have few chances of finding good venues for filming due to a lack of experience in movie production, but also foreign directors to conveniently film in the City, providing a great opportunity to promote the city’s hotspots to the world.