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  • Sand Bridge Project at Hangang River

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    Sand Bridge Project at Hangang River

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will create a sandy beach on Banpo Jamsugyo Bridge, a submersible bridge, between July 28 and July 30 for citizens to enjoy their summer vacation at the Hangang River. Jamsugyo Bridge was selected out of the 25 bridges built over the Hangang River due largely in part that it has the highest number of pedestrians and bikers.

    Traffic will be controlled during the three-day vacation period. The sandy beach created on the southern part of the bridge makes one feel like they are at a vacation spot while the water slide on the northern part of the bridge cools off the heat. Other attractions include a food court, sand art performance and dance.

    Sand Bridge Project at Hangang River Sand Bridge Project at Hangang River
    Water Slide Sandy Beach

    Sun beds and parasols are available at the sandy beach from the Moonlight Square on the south part of the bridge up to the middle of the bridge so that visitors can enjoy the cityscape. A sandy playground and wading pool have been installed for children as well. Read a book at a relaxing beach while viewing the Hangang River by borrowing a book from the specially-set up book store on the beach.

    A super-size water slide with a length of 150 meters installed on the slope of the bridge will offer a fun and cooling experience for those who are exhausted by the summer heat.

    • ○ A tube is required to get on the slide. On-site rental is available.
    • ○ Operating hours are 10am – 9pm. The bridge operates in three sessions (10am–1pm, 2pm–5pm, and 6pm-9pm) and on the first day (July 28), sessions are available starting at 2pm.
    • ○ Cost: 10,000 won (Reservations and on-site purchase available)
    • ○ Inquiries: Website (http://www.slidethecity.co.kr), ☏ 82-2-2202-1733

    The opening of Sand Bridge Project will be pushed back by two weeks from July 28 (Fri) – July 30 (Sun) to August 11 (Fri) – August 13 (Sun) due to heavy rain forecast.

    Make inquiries about the event at the website (www.seoulwalk.org) or via phone (☏ 82-2-702-5996).

    The 2017 Sand Bridge Project event has been canceled.