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  • Samcheonggak

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    Samcheonggak was constructed in 1972 and is a meeting location for the Inter-Korean Red Cross. It is a historical place that hopes for union of the “South and the North,” “tradition and the present day,” and “Korea and the world.” As a complex space that combines tradition and culture, it is currently an international attraction for experiencing Korea’s elegant tradition, style, and taste through the creative succession of tradition. Samcheonggak is organized of six hanoks – Ilhwadang, Cheongcheondang, Yuhajeong, Cheonchudang, Chuihandang, and Dongbaekheon – and hosts various cultural events that visitors can enjoy in the outdoor courtyard.
    Operation: Open year-round (Hours: 12:00-22:00)
    Website: https://www.samcheonggak.or.kr/
    Location: 3, Daesagwan-ro (330-115, Seongbuk-dong), Seongbuk-gu, Seoul