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  • Sales Design Project of Seoul-Style SMEs ‘I Market U Seoul’ to be Held in Olympic Park

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    Sales Design Project of Seoul-Style SMEs ‘I Market U Seoul’ to be Held in Olympic Park

    Seoul City and SBA (Seoul Business Agency) will be hosting an offline market and sales design project ‘I Market U Seoul’ from May 25 until May 27, 2018 at Olympic Park, which realizes its social values by supporting the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Seoul (companies with socio-economic impact, startups, and small enterprises or small business owners).

    Through cooperation with various region-based participation subjects, ‘I Market U Seoul’ is consolidating its status as a venue of The Sustainable festival. It is being actively held and scheduled to be held in areas such as Sinchon, Cheonggyecheon, Seokchon Lake, etc. in the first half of 2018, and the event at Olympic Park is set to be held in the largest scale of the first half of 2018.

    This event to be held with 200 participating companies in the month of The Family (May) will provide a variety of attractions and spectacles. In particular, a variety of unit events prepared with Seoul City’s certified ‘Hi Seoul Good Products Award’ will be created for the enjoyment of all The Family members.

    Meanwhile, as a special event for purchasing customers, this event has prepared various events with an abundance of giveaways, etc. Customers who purchase products at the event can obtain ‘coins’ which they can use to participate in gift-exchanging events according to the Number of coins they obtain.

    Moreover, this large-scale event will also provide a variety of attractions such as the fashion market of Hi Seoul Showroom designer brands and an outdoor fashion show for people living in the neighborhood.

    The fashion show will be held in harmony with dance performances, opera gala shows, etc., and with no admission fees, people can participate freely in the events.

    • □ Summary of Event
      • ○ Name of Event: I Market U Seoul – Olympic Park
      • ○ Time and Date: May 25, 2018 (Fri) – May 27, 2018 (Sun), 11:00-21:00
      • ○ Location: Meeting Plaza of Olympic Park
      • ○ Scale: Around 200 participating companies
      • ○ Schedule of Unit Events
        • May 25 (Fri) – 19:30 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #1)
        • May 26 (Sat) – 17:00 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #2)
          – 19:30 (Hi Seoul Fashion Show #3)
        • May 27 (Sun) – All Day (5-6 busking and other regular concerts)
          – 18:30 (Special performance of Hong Jin-young)
    • ※ Fashion show is combined with dance, opera gala show, and other performances
    • ※ Face painting, caricature, etc. will be available for three days in a row