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  • Safe Operation and Casualty Assistance Measures Regarding the Accident on Seoul Metro Line 2

  • Traffic News SMG 3372

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will do its utmost to take reactive measures regarding the accident on Seoul Metro Line 2 to ensure another accident does not occur.


    Casualty Assistance Regarding the Accident on Seoul Metro Line 2

    1.  Provision of Medical Expenses

         All medical expenses will be provided for patients to be treated at the hospitals of their choice, and expenses will be provided for those patients having to return to hospital due to the delayed effects of injury.

    2. Provision of Caregivers 

         Expenses for caregivers will be provided where caregiver assistance has been deemed necessary by a medical institution for an injured party.

    3. Compensation for any losses incurred by a business if any hospitalized individual is self-employed.

    4. Contact Seoul Metro if you have any pain or discomfort and need to be treated for delayed symptoms, even though you might not have felt anything at the time of the accident.

             ☎Contact: 02-6110-5390


    Safe Operational Measures Regarding the Accident on Seoul Metro Line 2

    1.  Special Inspection of Facilities Before the Operation of the First Train (04:30-05:30 am)

    – Check rail switches, traffic signals, electrical equipment, and other facilities for the operation of subway trains.

    –  17 Sites on Line 2.

    2.  Reorganize the Control System and Manual

    – Improve the supervision and control of trains: at the time of departure, notify and caution the following train.

    – Encourage conductors to obey the speed limit on curves and to observe safe driving.

    – Reorganize the manual: review and set safe speeds for curves, slopes, and station entryways.

    3.  Items for Improvement and Revision

    – Improve the control monitoring system: emergency alarm.

    – Install monitors to allow conductors to ascertain the location of subway trains.

    4.  Strengthen Supervision and Management and Reinforce Participation of Citizens and Experts in Safety Activities

    – Actively consult experts and Ombudsman schemes to revise the Safety Manual and improve the system.

    – Post safety measures for citizens and strengthen joint training for related organizations.