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  • Sa Gyn Dong Public Complex Facility Project Evaluation Result

  • Evaluation ResultUrban admin 3122

    ○ Outcome of Design Evaluation

    ✓Project Outline
    Project NameSa Gyn Dong Public Complex Facility Project
    Ordering InstitutionArchitecture Planning Division, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (+82-2-2286-5643, mygul@sd.go.kr)
    Land Location223-22 Sa Gyn Dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
    Land Area1,595 ㎡Architecture SizeB2/3F, Floor area (3,200㎡)
    Design Cost386,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    ✓Outline to Design Entry
    Entry MethodRestricted Open Entry
    Entry StateEntry application: 44 case, Accepted entry: 7 case
    ✓Ways of Evaluation
    Date14:00~18:00 (Tue), 2014. 1. 7.
    Name (Occupation)Gong Sun Gu (Hong ik University)
    Kim Yn Mi (Hang Yang University)
    I Sae Yung (Jung Ang University)
    Kim Chang Gyun (Yu Ta Architect Office)
    Kim Jung Im (Syo Ro Architect Office)
    Name (Occupation)
    ✓Evaluation Outcome
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Selected WorkU&P Architect OfficeYu Yung MoRight of Contract
    Aerial View, etc   당선작
    Judge for Prized WorkFinancial, Functional and etc
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Excellence PrizeChun Il Architect OfficeHan Gyu Bong10,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    Aerial View, etc   우수작
    DistinctionArchitectural OfficeArchitect (Designer)Prize
    Runner-upBai Won Architect OfficeJung Won Yung7,000 (Unit: ₩1,000)
    Aerial View, etc   가작