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2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission

  • Rossella Meloni

  • 2014 Global Seoul-Mates : Mission 1568

    Hi, my name is Rossella and I am an Italian living in Seoul. I have been in Seoul since the end of February 2014 so I am very new to life in this part of the world. Before coming here I did not know a lot about Korea and life in Seoul so every day is a new discovery and a great learning experience. Before coming to Seoul I worked as an IT consultant in the UK however I have moved here with my husband’s job so I am not working but I am using my free time to learn the Korean language and immerse myself in the culture. For my project I have chosen a mixture of pictures from my daily life: I live in Gangnam and I am discovering the streets of Seoul every day, I cook Italian food at home but I am also enjoying the discovery of Korean food and I am loving Bingsu in the summer!